From the earliest known ancestors Abraham Fresco & Judith Onbekend, descending from selected ancestors to Wolf Jacob Sasieni, his wife Dientje (Dinah) Koekoek & four branches of the present day Sassienie Worldwide Family tree



The Jewish Fresco families were known as Sephardim — Sefarad being the Hebrew name for Spain. 

During the Spanish Inquisition of the late 15th century Jews were imposed to convert to Catholicism under the regime or otherwise face the consequences of expulsion, imprisonment or even execution as heretics. Many of the Fresco families managed to flee Spain who ended up in Turkey, North Africa, Italy and elsewhere throughout Europe and the Middle East. The Fresco ancestors of the present day Sasieni/Sassienie families probably arrived in Italy and Venice via route of various countries from Spain about 1495.

Many Jews either fleeing or expelled from Spain in 1492 found refuge in Italy, where they were given protection under the reign of King Ferdinand I of Naples. The Spanish Jews were well received also in Ferrara by Duke Ercole d'Este I, and in Tuscany through the mediation of Jehiel of Pisa and his sons. Thousands of impoverished Spanish Jews arrived at the borders of the Papal States. Alexander VI welcomed them into Rome, declaring that they were "permitted to lead their life free from interference from Christians, to continue in their own rites, to prosper and to enjoy many other privileges." He similarly allowed the immigration of Jews expelled from Portugal in 1497 and from Provence in 1498.


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The Sasieni/Sassienie paternal ancestor Akiba de Wolf and maternal ancestor Samuel Koekoek were Ashkenazi Jews originating from the borders of Eastern and Central Europe.


The majority of descendants and collateral relatives of Akiba de Wolf and Samuel Koekoek who lived in the German occupied countries during WW2, did not survive the war. The Sasieni/Sassienie families are of the very few family branches who pay testament that the children, grandchildren, cousins and relatives of Akiba de Wolf and Samuel Koekoek ever existed. Today the Sasieni/Sassienie families will have a difficult search to find their long lost Central European cousins.

The derivation of the family surname, Sasieni


The majority of European Jewish families did not use surnames until it became obligatory during periods according to the countries in which they lived, but most commonly at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In some European countries Jews were imposed to acquire family names as a preceding requirement for establishing citizenship status under the laws.


When acquiring family surnames became mandatory, those who already had existing assumed ancestral family names usually continued the same naming traditions (sometimes with variations) from generations to generations. This official using of surnames was especially prevalent within the Sephardic communities, however, as an indication of disapproval some families would assume any types of surnames, sometimes pertaining to an animal, an occupation or the name of a town merely as a formality rather than having intentions of continuing the surname throughout the family lineage.


Prior to the family ancestors immigration to Holland, their children assumed many different surnames and the direct ancestor of all Sasieni/Sassienie family members adopted the surname of de Wolf, literal meaning, a wolf or the wolf, which became a common surname in Germany and in central Europe, although they still mainly only used their first given names and the first names of their fathers as middle or last names.


The formal using of surnames became mandatory in Holland under Napoleonic Law after 1811. The mutual ancestor of all Sasieni family members was Wolf Jacob, born 1796, son of Jacob Salomon de Wolf, who later took advantage of this law to establish himself and family a preferred surname, other siblings assumed different surnames. Wolf Jacob become officially known as, Wolf Jacob Sasieni or Wolf de Jacob Sasieni. Wolf – his father’s last name, Jacob – his father’s first name and the surname Sasieni – probable meaning in Dutch, Polish, and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): ethnic and regional name from Middle Dutch Sasse, Polish Sas meaning Saxon or Saxony. The surname of Sasieni is probably a deviation meaning, coming from the regions of Saxony – Sasieni – Saxony, from whence they originated.



The first Sasieni.

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Sassienie Family Tree
4 Branches


Woolf Jacob Sasieni and Dientje (Dinah) Koekoek had eight children, only four survived to adulthood,

separating the Sasieni/Sassienie family tree into four branches.

All known descendants of Wolf Jacob Sasieni and Dientje (Dinah) Koekoek (January 2020)




Four children the brothers, Jacob, Levie, Moses and Solomon, four branches of the Sassienie Family Tree


Descendants of Jacob Sasiene and Botje (Betsy) Swaab -

including spouses


Abrahams, Nicola

Adams, Shanon

Adams, Thomas Allan

Albert, Emile Malech

Albert, Nicole

Applebaum, Lily

Baynes, Caroline

Beard, Simon

Becker, Colin

Belles, Laura

Berman, Alexander Nathan

Berman, Arnold L.

Berman, Eitan Moshe

Berman, Ilana Jane

Berman, Olivia Yona

Berman, Richard Myer

Bernstein, Jane (Jennie)

Bertani, Amanda

Bierne, Michelle

Blackburn, Betty Jean

Blakeman, Katrina June

Blewis, Gabrielle R.

Bolton, Chloe

Bolton, David

Bolton, Lucy

Borgos, Lillian

Brown, Colin Philip

Brown, Deborah

Brown, Edgar Philip (Bob)

Cavasin, Aston

Cavasin, Jamie

Cavasin, Taylor

Clarke, Abbey

Clarke, Albert Edward (Eddie

Clarke, Alexander

Clarke, Ashley

Clarke, Emily

Clarke, Natalie

Clarke, Phillip

Clarke, Stacey

Clarke, Victoria

Cohen, Elaine

Coleman, Betty A.

Coleman, Frederick (Freddy)

Coleman, Jadin

Coleman, James G.

Coleman, Jason Sydney

Coleman, Jean R.

Coleman, Jess

Coleman, Miranda

Coleman, Phillip

Craddock, Robert

Crocker, Gary

Crocker, Hayley

Crocker, Madison

Crocker, Rachael

Crocker, Rhiannon

Crooks, Alfie

Crooks, Daniel

Crooks, Hannah

Crooks, James Anthony Stuart

Crooks, Nicholas

Crooks, Nina

Crooks, Rosie Anne

Crooks, Stuart

Crooks, Victoria

Darby, Sally

Darrow, Shelly

David, Farley

del Monte, Daniel Jeremy

del Monte, David Samuel

del Monte, Jonathan Oliver

del Monte, Richard

del Monte, Sydney

Dickman, Andrew Brent

Dickman, Barry Walter

Dickman, Emma

Dickman, Jessie

Dickman, Roberta

Dight, Harvey

Dight, Jayne

Dight, Kimberly Louise

Dight, Marc David

Dight, Sharon

Dightmaker, Carol Ann

Dightmaker, Clare

Dightmaker, Cyril

Dightmaker, David

Dightmaker, Derek

Dightmaker, Elaine

Dightmaker, Gerald

Dightmaker, Hyman (Harry)

Dightmaker, Jacob (Jackie Jiggy)

Dightmaker, Jean

Dightmaker, Joan

Dightmaker, Karen Denise

Dightmaker, Leonard

Dightmaker, Lilian

Dightmaker, Louis Joseph

Dightmaker, Martha

Dightmaker, Matilda

Dightmaker, Morris

Dightmaker, Myer (Michael)

Dightmaker, Rose

Dightmaker, Sarah (Dot)

Dightmaker, Sidney

Dightmaker, Yvonne

Drury, Kerry

Dunn, Kevin

Elichaoff, Angela

Ellen, Stuart

Ellis, Minnie

Ettinger, Henry

Ettinger, Laura

Ettinger, Marc

Ettinger, Nichole Louise

Ettinger, Paul Marc

Ettinger, Tracy

Everett, Dean

Everett, Paul

Everett, Wayne

Feltham, James

Fenton, Kate

Finch, Harry

Finch, Oscar

Finch, Simon

Fink, Arden Claire

Fink, Joshua Nathaniel

Fink, Sierra Jade

Fisher, Harry

Fisher, Joe

Fleet, Megan Clara

Fleet, Oliver Samual

Fletcher, Steven

Fowler, Zachary Benton

Frank, Abraham

Frank, Morris

Frank, Samuel

Frank, William

Freedman, Alan D.

Freedman, Harry

Freedman, Jonathan

Freedman, Keith

Freedman, Nicole

Freestone, Willam Henry (Harry)

Friedberg, Bernie

Fryer, Avril Madeleine

Fryer, Stanley Ernest

Fryer, Tessa Marion

Gibbs, Cecila

Gillespie, Pleasance

Goldstein, Sophia

Goodmaker, Sarah

Gould, Gerald

Grandhaie, Marie Claire

Green, Jacqueline

Greenfield, David

Greenfield, Nicholas

Greenfield, Robert George

Griffin, Mary T.

Guariglia, Michael

Guariglia, Nancy Ann

Guariglia, Paul

Guariglia, Vincent

Hadfield, Jake

Hadfield, Joseph Alexander

Healey, Jake Robert

Healey, Libby

Healey, Paul

Hearn, Alan

Hearn, Gilbert Edward Edwin Evelyn (Jamie)

Hearn, Jacqueline

Herson, Rosa (Rosie)

Hockley, Byron

Hockley, John

Hockley, Rebeccah

Hockley, Stephanie

Hoffart, Terri

Hooker, Monica Pauline

Hull, James

Hull, John Edward

Hull, Leah Rebecca

Hurst, Marlene

Hyatt, David

Hyman, Fanny Marie

Isaacs, Brian

Isaacs, Clare Louise

Isaacs, David S (Dick)

Isaacs, Diane

Isaacs, Helen Isobel

Isaacs, Nicole Ruth

Isaaman, Fanny

Ison, Esme Alice

Ison, Grace Rose

Jacobs, Esther

Jakubovic, Valerie

James, Dolly

Jones, Florence E.M.

Jones, Jasmin

Jones, Kevin

Jones, Lauren

Jones, Samuel

Jostre, Barbara A.

Kaas, Aaron

Kaas, Alexander Lionel

Kaas, Arnold

Kaas, Clara

Kaas, Elizabeth (Betsy)

Kaas, Gary Daniel

Kaas, Irene

Kaas, Jacob (Jack)

Kaas, Joseph

Kaas, Lisa

Kaas, Marie

Kaas, Mary Marie

Kaas, Mickey

Kaas, Neil

Kaas, Ronald

Kaas, Samuel (Sam)

Kaas, Woolf (Willy)

Karpel, Anita

Karpel, Barbara

Karpel, Caron

Karpel, Henry Alfred

Karpel, Jean (Jenny)

Karr, Ray

Katz, Deborrah

Katz, Gillian

Katz, Miles Adrian Richard

Katz, Richard (Dick)

Kavanaugh, Robert

Kaye, Daniel

Keiler, Moira

Keiller, Cyril

Keiller, Joy

Keiller, Paul

Kemp, Howard Edwin

Kemp, Matthew

Kemp, Zoe

Klentz, Chris

Klentz, Emily Anne

Klentz, Preston Allen

Konigswinter, Matilda (Tilly)

Kovler, Howard Clive

Kovler, Nathaniel John

Kovler, Talia Rachel Zara

Landau, Sally

Lawrence, Barbara

Lawrence, Jacob (Jack)

Lawrence, Sheila

Lees, Esther (Hetty)

Leigh, Irene

Leigh, Jeanette

Leigh, Jeanette:

Leigh, Michael

Leigh, Ronald

Leigh, Stephanie

Leigh, Steven

Leigh, Susan

Levenson, Annie

Lewis, Betty

Lewis, Samuel Malcolm

Lodge, Michael Eric

Loza, William

Ly, Aurora Grace Hai

Ly, Cam

Ly, Mason Gregory Hai

Mackenzie, Graham Paul

Mackenzie, Kirsty

Masters, Adam Richard Edward

Masters, Anna

Masters, Sophie Rebecca

Masters, Valerie

Mattingly, Veronica Mary

Mehlman, Nathan

Mehlman, Paul

Messias, Jacob

Michaud, Danielle Dena

Michaud, Mark Alan

Michaud, Nicole Lena

Milner, Lesley Ann

Milner, Percy

Minden, Lewis

Minden, Michael

Minden, Samuel

Morpurgo, Francis

Morpurgo, Matthew

Morpurgo, Maurice Frank

Morpurgo, Tracy

Muster, Jacob (Jack)

Mutsinze, Farai Arthur Griffth

Myers, Sarah

Nachman, Sima (Simi) Ester

Nathan, Matilda

Newton, Laura Alexandra Leigh

Newton, Timothy

Nicholls, Patricia

Nunn, Tony

Nybakken-Taberman, Inger

O`Shea, Joanne Louise

O`Shea, Marianne Elizabeth

O`Shea, Patrick A.

Olivien, Angie

Owen, Jennifer

Pachter, Eleazer

Pachter, Moses

Pachter, Samuel

Pachter, Solomon

Pachter, Woolf

Passmore, Lily Maud

Patterson, Michael

Pennamacoor, ?

Pennamacoor, Alan R.

Pennamacoor, Clara

Pennamacoor, Frederick

Pennamacoor, Henrietta (Hettie)

Pennamacoor, Isaac

Pennamacoor, Jacob (Johnnie)

Pennamacoor, Joan

Pennamacoor, Matilda (Tilly)

Pennamacoor, Melvyn

Pennamacoor, Michael David

Pennamacoor, Morris (Michael)

Pennamacoor, Rachel (Rae)

Pennamacoor, Sarah (Sadie)

Pennamacoor, Shirley A.

Perry, Alan

Perry, Christina

Perry, Sarah

Planos, Terrie

Pool, Belinda Ruth

Pool, Bill

Pool, Billy Joe

Pool, Charlotte

Pool, Gary

Pool, Jacey

Pool, Jeffrey Allen

Pool, Kelly A.

Pool, Leah M.

Pool, Leonard R.

Pool, Skylynn

Pool, Sloan Michelle

Porter, Hyman

Price, Gill

Pruden, Albert A.

Pruden, Alfred James

Pruden, Donald A.

Pruden, Douglas (Doug)

Pruden, Jaime

Pruden, Sarah

Pruden, Simon

Punt, Briony

Punt, Gary

Punt, James

Radzan, Angela J.

Radzan, Howard

Radzan, Laura

Radzan, Mark

Radzan, Tobias (Ted)

Radzan, Tracy

Reed, Michelle

Richardson, Althea Evelyn

Rosenthal, Rebecca

Rowell, Juliette Fleur

Rowell, Mitchell S.

Rowell, Natalie Danette

Rowell, Randy Dale

Rubens, Alma

Saadoun, Arielle Dara

Saadoun, Clara Dina

Saadoun, Judith Ghezala

Saadoun, Rene Nahum

Saikate, Sonya

Salinger, David

Salinger, Naomi

Salinger, Ronald H.

Salinger, Ruth

Sarilak, Thananan (Tudtu)

Sasiene, Abram (Alfred)

Sasiene, Barbara Sarah

Sasiene, Betsy

Sasiene, Dinah

Sasiene, Esther

Sasiene, Julia

Sasiene, Lewis

Sasiene, Martha

Sasiene, Nathan Jacob

Sasiene, Sarah

Sasiene, Solomon

Sasieni, Betsy         

Sasieni, Dinah

Sasieni, Esther

Sasieni, Jacob (Jack)

Sasieni, Jeanette

Sasieni, Leah

Sasieni, Rachel

Sasieni, Rachel

Sasieni, Rose

Sasieni, Samuel

Sasieni, Samuel Jacob

Sasienie, Jacob

Sass, Barbara

Sass, Brian Simon

Sass, David Simon

Sass, Emma Jane

Sass, Jeffrey Martyn

Sass, Jonathan

Sass, Lauren

Sass, Mark Elliot

Sass, Morgan Lois

Sass, Rachel-Jenny

Sass, Rebecca Jane

Sass, Ruth

Sass, Valerie Sara

Sasseen, Ronald Conrad

Sassiene, Emma Catherline

Sassiene, Esther (Stella)

Sassiene, Florence

Sassiene, Hannah

Sassiene, Harry

Sassiene, Natasha

Sassiene, Nathan

Sassiene, Rose

Sassiene, Simon Edward Marcus

Sassieni, Daniella Ruth

Sassieni, Nathaniel (Nat) Norman

Sassieni, Paul Philip

Sassieni, Raphael Noah

Sassieni, Sara Matilda

Sassienie, Dinah

Sassienie, Doris Marie

Sassienie, Hannah (Annie)

Sassienie, Jacob (Jack)

Sassienie, Martha (Marie) "Marie"

Sassienie, Miriam (Mary)

Sassienie, Morris

Sassienie, Morris (Michael) Sidney

Sassienie, Morris (Moses)

Sassienie, Myer "Meyer Sass"

Sassienie, Rachel

Sassienie, Sarah (Sally)

Sassienie, Solomon

Sassienie, Solomon (Sidney)

Sassienie, Stella

Sassienie, Woolf (Lassienie)

Shine, Rachel (Rae)

Shnider, Lisa

Shnider, Mark

Shnider, Paul

Sibbald, Erin Iona

Silverglate, Bret David

Silverglate, Scot Allen

Silverstone, Ethel

Simons, Robert

Simser, Claudia

Simser, Dahlia

Simser, David

Simser, Diana Sylvia

Simser, Frederick Brent

Simser, Frederick Russel Lenard

Simser, Jermery

Simser, Kate

Simser, Kathleen Mary

Skennerton, Frederick

Skennerton, Rae

Skennerton, Robert

Skennerton, Ronnie

Skennerton, Ruth

Skennerton, Samuel

Smart, Annette

Smart, George Henry Thomas

Smart, Valerie Ann

Smith, John Gargrave

Smith, Peter Anthony

Sonnerthal, Bertha

Stalker, Bradley

Stalker, Quinn Anne

Stanny, Cal

Steel, Alan Jay

Steel, Anthony

Steel, Garry

Steel, Gregory Darren

Steel, Jennifer Sarah Rose

Steel, Jenson Maurice

Steel, Logan

Steel, Marc Lewis

Steel, Samantha Anne

Steinberg, Michelle

Stern, Alec

Stern, Dayna Michelle

Stern, Dinah

Stern, Maria

Stern, Steven

Storey, Jane

Strauss, Gill

Swaab, Botje (Betsy)

Swain, Janice Melanie

Tapper, Warwick William George

Taylor, Jack Michael Samuel

Taylor, Tony

Teper, Sheila Yvonne

Trent, Miriam

Tucker, Archibald William (Tom)

Tucker, Daniel Richard

Tucker, Matthew William

Tucker, Rachel Elizabeth

Tucker, Victor William

Van Stratton, Katie (Kitty)

Vanston, Chris

Vanston, Mark Alan

Vanston, Samantha

Walker, Roy

Walter, Alfred

Watkins, Hannah Jane

Watkins, Michael Blake

Watkins, Sarah Elizabeth

Wells, Eleanor Ruth

Wells, Leslie Robert

West, William J.

Wheeler, Alice Minnie

White, Joyce

Whitehouse, Isabel Ruth

Whitehouse, Robin

Winecki, Sandra

Witte, Daniel Simon

Witte, Joel

Witte, Rebecca Jane

Wong, Lucy

Wood, Andrew

Wood, Charlie Frank

Wood, Demi Anne

Wooding, Karen

Woolford, Stuart

Woolford, Tyrone

Woolford, Vincent

Woolford, Zachary

Descendants of Levie (Louis) Wolf Sasieni and Volgellina Cohen - including spouses


Adler, Rebecca

Applestone, Gulda (Golda)

Bachar, Itay

Cohen, Sophia (Sally)

Cohen, Volgellina (Sophia)

Copisarow, Amelia Deborah

Ellis, Phyllis

Faust, Annie

Foux, Gillian Susan

Gaba, Aaron

Gaba, Ariel

Gaba, Tamar

Gaba, Victor

Lewis, Anastasia

Lewis, Andrew

Lewis, Carly

Lewis, Gary

Nilsson, Tina

Pine, Jacob S.

Richter, Gabrielle

Richter, Hannah

Richter, Stephen

Samuel, Charles

Samuel, Clifford Fraser Neil

Samuel, Jeremy Alexander

Sasieni, Alexander Uriel

Sasieni, Celia

Sasieni, David

Sasieni, David (Dick)

Sasieni, Dinah

Sasieni, Jacob

Sasieni, Lewis

Sasieni, Lewis Sidney

Sasieni, Louie (Lily)

Sasieni, Matthew Nathan

Sasieni, Maurice Wolf

Sasieni, Pamela Ruth

Sasieni, Peter David

Sasieni, Portia

Sasieni, Rachel Daphne Rebecca

Sasieni, Rachel Levi

Sasieni, Samuel Maurice

Sasieni, Sophia

Sasieni, Stephanie Eda

Sasieni, Wolf

Sasieni, Woolf

Selig, Ben

Selig, Daniel

Selig, Judith

Selig, Leah

Selig, Naomi

Selig, Ralph

Selig, Ruth

Valentine, Adelaide

Vangelder, Doreen

Vangelder, Fanny

Vangelder, Hannah

Vangelder, Lewis

Vangelder, Louise

Vangelder, Maurice

Vangelder, Morris Frederick

Vangelder, Natalie

Vangelder, Robin

Vangelder, Simon



Descendants of Moses (Moppy) Sassienie and Clara Elias – including spouses


Abelson, Susan

Abrahams, Alexander Edward

Abrahams, Caroline Ruth

Abrahams, Samuel Clive

Benacoun, Dina

Benacoun, Joe

Benacoun, Kelly

Berman, Barbara

Beth, Joseph

Beth, Louis

Brenner, Joan

Burns, Larraine

Casson, Julia

Casson, Liza

Casson, Nicholas

Casson, Scott

Clare, Abrianna Angela

Clare, Gavin

Clare, Lisa Erin

Clare, Michael Colin Ellis

Clare, Scott Howard

Clark, Ann

Clark, Anthony

Clark, Wyndham C.

Cobb, David

Cobb, Emma

Cobb, Jeffrey

Cobb, Lisa

Cobb, Simon

Cohen, Ephraim

Comachio, Catarina

Conway, Janet L.

Conway, Judith M.

Curnock, John W.

Daniels, Annette

Daniels, Harry

Daniels, Ruth

Elias, Clara

Farrell, Suk

Fineburgh, Rosalyn

Franks, Cata

Franks, Darren

Franks, Henry

Franks, Howard

Franks, Susan

Graham, David

Harris, Elaine

Hart, Lipman

Hedges, Evelyn

King, Lily (Kitty) Eugenie

Klinger, Sadie

Knight, Quinn Elias

Knight, Roddy

Levy, Henrietta (Hetty)

Lloyd, Hollie Bannerman

Lyons, Mary

Manhood, Alfred Charles

Manhood, Clara

Manhood, Florence

Manhood, Jean

Manhood, John Frederick Charles

Morse, Laura

Moss, Melanie Leila

Motzney, Anthony

Motzney, Regina

Motzney, Stanley

Nissimi, Esther

Parr, Daniel

Parr, Rebecca

Parr, Simon

Parr, Tom

Porjes, Edith

Reynolds, Louisa

Reynolds, Stephanie

Sassiene, Sarah

Sassieni, Deborah

Sassieni, Hermanus (Herman)

Sassienie, Charles Elias

Sassienie, Charles Moss

Sassienie, Clara

Sassienie, Craig

Sassienie, Darren Michael

Sassienie, Dinah

Sassienie, Gabriella Summer

Sassienie, Henrietta (Annie)

Sassienie, Henry (Harry)

Sassienie, Jane

Sassienie, Katie Rose

Sassienie, Lisa

Sassienie, Michael

Sassienie, Michelle

Sassienie, Morris

Sassienie, Paul Ellis

Sassienie, Phoebe

Sassienie, Scott

Serlui, Mozes Morris

Sharpe, Melvyn

Sherman, David

Sherman, Hannah C Emma

Sherman, Isaac

Spivack, Millicent

Sugarman, Alfie Roni Theo

Sugarman, Catherine Louise

Sugarman, Frederick Thomas

Sugarman, Ivan Phineas

Sugarman, Oliver Maurice

Sugarman, Richard Neil

Sugarman, Robert Louis

Sugarman, Roger Elliot

Warner, Louise Amelia

Webber, Abraham

Weinberg, Abraham

Weitzkorn, Clare Jane

Whitehill, Edward

Winston, Avril

Winston, Beryl

Winston, Hetty

Winston, Joel George

Winston, Julie

Winston, Maurice

Wyer, Stephen Christopher

 Descendants of Moses (Moppy) Sassienie and Yotje Spier – including spouses


Akker, Rachel (Rae)

Benaim, Paulina (Polly)

Cohen, Amelia Millie

Cohen, Margaret

Conn, Adam Gregory

Conn, Arthur

Conn, David

Conn, Gabriella Charlotte

Conn, Jack Isaac

Conn, Jack Raymond

Conn, Jack Samuel

Conn, Joseph

Conn, Julia

Conn, Michael Moses

Conn, Nathalie Katherine

Conn, Rachel June

Conn, Rita Julia

Conn, Sarah Louise

Conn, Vera (Fiona)

Conn, Yvette

Gilford, Marcia

Glassock, Jesse

Glassock, Pierre

Glazer, Anthony

Glazer, Caroline

Glazer, Daniel

Glazer, Holly

Glazer, Jack

Glazer, Johnny

Glazer, Karen

Glazer, Lucy

Glazer, Nicola

Gordon, Betty

Honeybull, Ellie Rachell

Honeybull, Jessica Noa

Honeybull, Nicholas

Joel, Rachel (Ray)

Krieger, Jonathan

Krieger, Josh

Lewis, Jenny

Moed, Roy Uziel

Newton, Marian

Proops, Julia

Rappaport, Daniel

Rappaport, Joseph

Rappaport, Natalie Kate

Rappaport, Nathanial Samuel

Robins, Ian

Robins, James David

Robins, Jessica Sarah

Robins, Neil Adam

Sasieni, Leon

Sassiene, Morris

Sassienie, Alfred Maurice

Sassienie, Dinah

Sassienie, Fanny (Fay)

Sassienie, Gillian Deborah

Sassienie, Hannah

Sassienie, Henrietta

Sassienie, Jacob (Jack)

Sassienie, Jane Rachel

Sassienie, Joanna Ruth

Sassienie, Lyon (Leon)

Sassienie, Neville Naphtali

Sassienie, Sally Ann

Sassienie, Samuel

Sassienie, Simon

Sassienie, Solomon

Sassienie, Walter Woolf

Savage, Nigel Stephen

Slobodkin, Amy J.

Spier, Yotje (Julia)

Van Praagh, Rachel Gladys

Waddingham, Deborah

Wallace, James Mark

Wallace, Liam Henry

Wallace, Nicola Samantha




Descendants of Solomon Wolf Sasiene and Rebecca Zwart – including spouses


Levy, Morris (Sol)

Abrams, Eva

Alterman, Amy

Aronovich, Margo

Asbury, Trevor

Asbury, William G.

Barnes, Tracey

Barnett, Abigail

Barnett, Alexandra Judith

Barnett, Benjamin Matthew

Barnett, Crena

Barnett, Fanny (Fay)

Barnett, Gabriella

Barnett, Georgina Yee-Ling Green

Barnett, Hannah

Barnett, John Lawrence

Barnett, Julia Regina

Barnett, Lewis

Barnett, Mark Harry

Barnett, Morris

Barnett, Peter Denzil

Barnett, Richard

Barnett, Rita

Barnett, Roland

Barnett, Ruth Elizabeth

Barnett, Samuel Leslie

Barnett, Sidney

Bayard, Adele

Beale, Katrina

Ben, Amy Jasmin

Ben, Jonathan Kevin

Ben, Joshua Edward

Ben, Neil Victor

Ben, Oliver Leo

Bender, Adam Samuel

Bender, Melanie Louise

Bender, Nigel Malcolm

Bermudez, Sandra Janette Rey

Bernard, Amber Jade Scarlet

Bernard, Bernard Cohen

Bernard, David Michael

Bernard, Jennifer

Bernard, John

Bernard, Laura Jane

Bernard, Peter Jonathan

Bernard, Poppy Ellen

Bernard, Toby Julius

Bernstein, Denise

Bernstein, Hyman

Bernstein, Rita

Beth, Miriam

Beth, Simon (Sam)

Blitz, Martha Betsy

Boyne, David

Boyne, Harry

Boyne, Oliver

Boyne, Toby Jake

Brown, Joan Boilen

Buckley, Rita

Burden, Matt

Bush, Andrew

Byer, Darin

Cohen, Sarah Celia

Concio, Anthony

Concio, Jack

Concio, Olivia

Concio, Sam

Davids, Aviva

Davis, Gail Alexia

Davis, Gavin Ashley

Davis, Henry Asher

Davis, Phillip John

Davis, Rosemary Lesley

Davis, Sidney Solomon

Defries, Hannah (Johanna)

Dembitz, Isabelle

Dembitz, John

Dembitz, Melana

Dembitz, Robert Leslie

Dembitz, Sarah Elizabeth Eve

Dembrofsky, Solomon (Sid)

Demby, Alexander Evan Solomon

Demby, Brian

Demby, Grace Lucy Sophia

Demby, Kenneth

Demby, Mark Stuart

Demby, Sharon Lisa

Dempster, Lorre

Devaney, Jason

Devaney, Sara

Devaney, William

Dunz, Catherine

Dworsky, Ava

Dworsky, Jonathan

Dworsky, Julia

Dworsky, Priscilla

Ellis, Harry

Fasten, Janet Rebecca

Fenton, Benjamin Joseph

Fenton, Jack Blake

Fenton, Jason Nicholas Matthew

Fish, Benjamin (Ben Nonchie) Foldes, Laurent

Foldes, Zachary George

Forse, Jennifer

Foster, Bradley Heath

Foster, Harold (Hal)

Foster, Hayley Beth

Freedman, Karen Lynn

Friendlander, Joy

Fund, Sadie (Susan)

Ganzner, Sylvia

Goldstein, Denise Aileen

Goldstein, Harry

Goldstein, Joan

Goldstein, Joanne

Goldstein, Morton

Goldstein, Patricia Lyn

Goldstein, Robert

Goldstein, Robert

Goldstein, Susan

Goodman, Anthony

Goodman, Eleanor Claire

Goodman, Flora Louise

Goodman, Ian

Goodman, Isaac Mick

Goodman, Joshua Cameron

Goodman, Karen

Goodman, Keith

Goodman, Marion

Gordon, Janice Sue

Gross, Dr. Michael

Gross, Jemma Alexis

Gross, Louise Debra

Hagenbuch, Gwen

Harbel, Jennifer

Harris, Emma Joanne

Harris, Jonathan Simon

Harris, Stephen Howard

Hearn, Karen

Hellman, Heather

Hendy, George Albert

Hendy, Robert

Hendy, Zara Rose

Hirsch, Benjamin David

Hirsch, Daniel Edwin Julius

Hirsch, Julian David

Hochfeld, Herbert

Hochfeld, Karen

Hochfeld, Marcie Mary

Hochfeld, Marlo

Hochfeld, Martin David

Hoffman, Benjamin Joszef

Hoffman, Gideon Alexander

Hoffman, Jennifer Ruth

Hoffman, Lawrence (Laurie)

Hoffman, Maurice Leon Hyman

Hoffman, Naomi Philippa

Hoffman, Patricia

Hymen, Mira

Jackson, Katrina

Jones, Hayden William

Jones, Henry William

Jones, Olivia Frances

Joseph, Jimmie Alexander Samuel

Joseph, John Graham

Joseph, Rochelle Lisa

Joseph, Samuel Sidney (Jimmy)

Joseph, Simon Jeremy Louis

Joseph, Susan Beryl

Joseph, Tracy Samantha

Kalavszky, Rozina

Kay, Ameila

Kay, Grant

Kay, Harry

Keen, Helen (Margaret)

Kelly, Jane

Kim, Mee Jean

Klein, Phyllis

Knowles, Alice

Knowles, Andrew

Kramer, Edwin (Eddie) Isaac

Kramer, Evelyn Julia

Kramer, Gillian Reka

Kramer, Victor

Lasky, Alec

Lasky, Sidelle

Lawrence, Avril (Babs)

Levin, Adam

Levin, Adrienne

Levin, Alison

Levin, Everett Norman

Levin, Isabel Hannah

Levin, Jason

Levin, Max Henry

Levin, Mya J.

Levin, Norman

Levin, Sadie Erin

Levin, Seth

Levin, Zeke B.

Levine, Gussie

Levy, Barnett (Barney)

Levy, Edward George

Levy, Jan

Levy, June

Levy, Lee

Levy, Leon Benson

Levy, Mildred

Levy, Morris (Sol)

Levy, Rena Rebecca

Levy, Samuel George

Levy, Solomon (Saul)

Levy, Sophia (Shirley)

Levy, Sybil Clarice

Levy, Toby Louie

Lieber, Dawn Maira

Lipman, Alison Jane

Lipman, Jeffrey

Marks, Deborah Victoria

McKibben, Alexander James

McKibben, Jonathon Edward

Mercado, Michael

Miller, Daniel Reed

Miller, Eryn Brittany

Miller, Scott Reed

Miller, Valerie Shea

Mitchell, Madison Lauren

Mitchell, Marc Ronald

Most, Bella

Most, Riley Alexa

Most, Roni M.

Moya, Mary

Niforos, Stephanie

Palmer, Gede David John

Palmer, Rafaiella Putri

Parower, Alexander Gabriel

Parower, Andrew Martin

Parower, Lester

Parower, Richard

Parower, Zoe Sara

Portnoy, Lee

Price, Alaina

Price, Chris

Raclaw, Dana

Rauh, Melissa

Reina, Lewis

Reina, Sarah

Rhapsody, Nyoman Ratih Palmer

Riseam, Paul

Safirstein, Abby

Sammy, Joanna

Sanewong, (Aom) Wiphawan

Sasiene, Amelia Muriel

Sasiene, Dinah

Sasiene, Dinah

Sasiene, Dinah

Sasiene, George

Sasiene, Irving Isadore

Sasiene, Jack Allan

Sasiene, Jacob (Jack)

Sasiene, Julia

Sasiene, Matthew Gregory

Sasiene, Rachel

Sasiene, Rachel

Sasiene, Rebecca (Betty)

Sasiene, Reuben

Sasiene, Rita

Sasiene, Rose

Sasiene, Rose (Rosette)

Sasiene, Sarah

Sasiene, Sarah Sadie

Sasiene, Sidney

Sasiene, Solomon (Sidney)

Sasiene, Sophia

Sasiene, Woolf

Sasiene, Zachery Joseph

Sasieni, Abraham Alfred

Sasieni, Caroline (Cissie)

Sasieni, Dinah

Sasieni, Elizabeth

Sasieni, Joel

Sasieni, Joel

Sasieni, Joseph (Joe)

Sasieni, Rebecca

Sasieni, Rebecca (Betty)

Sasieni, Reka Irene

Sasieni, Rose

Sasieni, Sophia (Shirley)

Sasine, Adam Michael

Sasine, Adrian Paul

Sasine, Alyssa

Sasine, Ariel Brook

Sasine, Benjamin

Sasine, David Andrew

Sasine, Elizabeth Jane

Sasine, Gloria Honey

Sasine, Gregory Michael

Sasine, Hailey Brin

Sasine, Isaac Song

Sasine, Jacob

Sasine, Jeffrey Alan

Sasine, Jo-Anne

Sasine, Joshua Sidney

Sasine, Lauren Michelle

Sasine, Matthew Ethan

Sasine, Meredith Brooke

Sasine, Miles Cole

Sasine, Rachel A.

Sasine, Robert Laurence

Sasine, Stanley Martin

Sasine, Stephen Jay

Sasine, Tatum Rose

Sasine, Victoria Ellen

Savage, Janet

Schindler, Minnie (Monica)

Schneider, Orna

Schoenfeld, Andrew Max

Schoenfeld, Marcus Solomon

Schoenfeld, Steven

Schwartz, Irene Renee

Selinger, Ollie (Solomon)

Shear, Hugo (Hugh)

Shear, Joseph

Sherman, Georgina Sophia

Sherman, Ivor

Sherman, Robert Adam

Shore, Sadie

Silver, Carole Ann

Smith, Yvonne

Snider, Teri Lynn

Snyder, Bobbie Joyce

Snyder, Ethan Joseph

Snyder, Howard

Snyder, Jake Jonathon

Snyder, Jason

Snyder, Nolan

Snyder, Norman

Snyder, Robert

Snyder, Rose Dorothy

Snyder, Samantha Nicole

Snyder, Steve

Snyder, Tamara (Tammie)

Solam, Jason

Solam, Sophie Jade

Springer, Aaron Alfred

Springer, Adam

Springer, Adelaide

Springer, Alex

Springer, Andrew Alfred

Springer, Ashley

Springer, Geoffrey Anthony

Springer, Maurice

Springer, Simon

Stebbing, David

Stebbing, Justin

Stebbing, Sara

Stebbing, Zoe

Summers, Kay Helen

Surridge, Carl

Surridge, Lily

Surridge, Samuel

Szabaga, Carrie Ann

Tall, George

Temkin, Aaron Harold

Temkin, Al

Temkin, Alison Jamie

Temkin, Ari Michael

Temkin, Asher Benjamin

Temkin, Bradley Scott

Temkin, Darryl Owen

Temkin, Edward (Eddie)

Temkin, Hilary Meryl

Temkin, Jordan Mitchell

Temkin, Orin

Temkin, Richard

Tobacco, Carolyn

Turner, Thomas

Turner, Thomas Ezra

Vangelder, Carol

Waldorf, Ross

Wall, Peggy

Warntice, Bernice Carol

Weinberg, Carter Henry

Weinberg, Keith

Weinberg, Myles Felix

Weinstein, Craig Aaron

Weinstein, Madeline Ferris

Weinstein, Neil Frederick

Weinstein, Noah Ethan

Weinstein, Stuart Lyle

Weitzman, Aaron

Weitzman, Brendan

Weitzman, Briana

Weitzman, Burton (Burt)

Weitzman, Devin

Weitzman, Nathan

Weitzman, Richard (Rick)

Wilkins, Louise

Winkel, Rose

Winkel, Sophia

Woolf, Emma Lauren

Woolf, Fleur

Woolf, Frances Anne

Woolf, Martin Simon Lewis

Woolf, Michael

Woolf, Oliver Joseph

Woolf, Sally Amelia Miriam

Yollis, Alia Jolene

Yollis, Brett

Yollis, Coby

Yollis, George Jack

Yollis, Herman

Yollis, Jacob G

Yollis, Scott

Yollis, Tali

Yollis, Todd

Young, Linda (Lynne) Marilyn










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