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An interesting collection of past and present day family photos.


Although many of the families listed in the photographs have never met and live in different parts of the world, everyone here is related and shares a common bond.


All images are copyrighted and the property of the contributors



Sybil Clarice Levy

Granddaughter of

Sophia Sasiene & Morris (Sol) Levy




4 generations

Back from left: Sophie Jade Solam, Alison Levin, Karen Hochfeld

Front: Sybil Clarice Levy – USA 2016


Born: Seattle, Washington, USA- March 7, 1914. Sybil Clarice Levy is today (2016) worldwide our eldest living Sassienie relative, the matriarch of the family.


Sybil Clarice Levy with grandson, Adam Levin – USA 2016

A special thank you to Adam Levin for his kind gift of photos to the Sassienie Worldwide Family Website, that has been published for the viewing and enjoyment for our new generations and future generations


Branch four

Norman Levin with Granddaughter, Sadie Levin
 Sadie Levin, great, great, great granddaughter of Sophia Sasiene and Morris Levy


In Memory Of Norman Levin (1930 - 2011)

With thanks & appreciation to Alison Levin for her kind contribution of this photo to

the Sassienie Worldwide Family Website


Branch four

Michael Myer Dightmaker & Family

   Michael Myer Dightmaker

Son of Dinah Sasiene & David Dightmaker


Photo 1: Matilda Konigswinter & Michael Dightmaker – England 1970s

Photo 2: Derek Dightmaker, wife Lucy Wong & mother, Matilda Konigswinter - 
Wedding day 1995 London, England

In Memory Of
Matilda Konigswinter  (1915 – 2003)

Branch one

Marc Dight
Great grandson of Dinah Sassiene and David Dightmaker

London Barrister
(Education, career and profile)

General profile:

Specialises in all types of contentious and non-contentious property work including commercial landlord and tenant claims, mortgage and

conveyance problems, lawyers and surveyors negligence.

He acts for the property companies in commercial disputes and a number of the major banks and building societies in relation to recovery work, professional negligence and general banking issues.

His practice also encompasses insolvency and trust work relating to property matters. Special interests outside the law include curries and clubbing.


Branch one

Cyril Dightmaker

Son of Dinah Sasiene & David Dightmaker

Actor & operatic singer

Was a member of the National Operatic Association

Photo: from the play, The Pajama Game. Cash Call: Tight fisted boss, Myron Hasler, played by Cyril Dightmaker is confronted by secretaries Mabel (Brenda Elliott) and Gladys (Jane Copley).


From the Harrow Gazette, October 10th 2001 – Harrow, Middlesex, England.

In Memory Of Cyril Dightmaker  (1925 – 2004)

Branch one

Sharon Dight

Great granddaughter of Dinah Sasiene & David Dightmaker

Sharon Dight – Wales 2007

Sharon Dight with husband (Rob) singing duo - Wales 2007


House Double creates a live band sound with powerful vocal harmonies, live acoustics and electric guitar, blended together with studio quality backing tracks giving the effect of a band

With thanks & gratitude to Sharon Dight for her kind permission to publish these photos on
the Sassienie Worldwide Family Website

Taken from:

Branch one

Carol Dight & Husband, Michael

Carol Dight granddaughter of Dinah Sasiene & David Dightmaker

Photo: France 2007

With thanks & gratitude to Carol Dight for her kind contribution of this photo to
the Sassienie Worldwide Family Website

Branch one

Harry Dightmaker

Son of Dinah Sasiene & David Dightmaker

Photo: Essex, England 1996

 In Memory Of Harry Dightmaker (1919 - 2003)

Branch one

Farley David & Steven Stern

Sons of Doris Marie Sassienie & Alec Stern

Photo 1: Farley David - Spain 2013

Steven Stern - Spain 2010


Branch one

Dayna Stern & Maria Stern
Great granddaughters of Jacob (Jack) Sassienie & Rachel Shine

England 2009

Photo taken from


Branch one

Peter Barnett & family

Grandson of Julia Sasiene & Lewis Barnett

Photo: Peter Barnett with his wife, Mary Moya

Front from left the children: Richard, Gabirella, Georgina and Roland Barnett – Indonesia 2003

PETER BARNETT received an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) from the Queen in Buckingham Palace, London, England for services rendered. In Bali on October 2002 there was a terrible bombing, killing a total of 202 people, including 28 British nationals. Peter fell into the role of co-ordinating the efforts of British volunteers (about 55) who offered their services to assist in the many unpleasant and emotionally trying tasks that were required in the aftermath of the bomb. Peter's wife and eldest child were amongst the volunteer force that was assembled to help. At the time he was dubbed "Mr Fix-It" by some of the British press.

Branch four

Ruth Barnett and Husband Michael

Ruth Barnett granddaughter of Julia Sasiene
& Lewis Barnett

With husband Michael – Los Angeles, USA - 2008

With thanks & gratitude to Ruth Barnett for her kind contribution of these photos to
the Sassienie Worldwide Family Website

Branch four

Robert Dembitz

Great grandson of Julia Sasiene & Lewis Barnett

Photos: child and adult


Branch four

John Dembitz and wife Alexandra Barnett

Alexandra Barnett granddaughter of Julia Sasienie & Lewis Barnett


Company director

After graduating, John joined McKinsey & Co Inc for a period of five years.  He was then appointed Group Executive with Consolidated Goldfields and Director of Strategy for Amey Roadstone Corporation Ltd, Goldfields’ largest wholly owned subsidiary.  This was followed by a period in investment banking as an executive director with Charterhouse Bank.  In 1985, he was invited to become Chief Executive Officer of Valin Pollen Ltd, at that time one of the leading corporate and financial communication consultancies.  In 1990, John joined his brother to build IDOM SA into Central and Eastern Europe’s largest IT consultancy, which was sold to Deloitte & Touche in 1995/1996.  This was followed by a brief period as a partner with Korn Ferry International.

John is a graduate of Manchester University and London Business School where he was also one of the early participants in the International Management Programme.  He is a member of the UK Regional Advisory Board of London Business School. 

Photo & information taken from:

Branch four

Hannah Barnett
Great granddaughter of Julia Sasine and Lewis Barnett


England - 2010


Photo taken from


Branch four

The Pool`s including Karpel and Rowell Families

Barbara Karpel

Great granddaughter of
Miriam (Mary) Sassienie & Aaron Kaas

Photo: Barbara Karpel born London, England
With great granddaughter Arden - Texas, USA - 2015



Photo left: Gary Pool son of Barbara Karpel

Photo right: and his wife, Terrie.

                                                                                     Texas, USA - 2015


Leonard Pool (son of Barbara) and his wife Shelly.  USA - 2015


Billy Joe Pool, son of Leonard Pool and his wife Shelly (grandson of Barbara) USA - 2016


From left: Randy Rowell, his wife Belinda (nee Pool - daughter of Barbara) Joshua Fink, baby Arden, Natalie Rowell (wife of Joshua Fink and granddaughter of Barbara) and Mitchell Rowell (grandson of Barbara) USA - 2016


Arden Fink - daughter of Joshua Fink and Natalie Rowell (great granddaughter of Barbara) USA - 2016


Photo 1: Leah Pool (granddaughter of Barbara) with husband Bradly and baby Quinn (great granddaughter of Barbara) USA - 2014

Photo 2: Baby Quinn. USA - 2016





Photo 1: Jeffery Pool (grandson of Barbara) with daughters Sloan & Skylynn (great granddaughters of Barbara) USA - 2016

Photo 2: Daughter Skylynn and wife, Amanda.  USA - 2016




Children of Jeffrey Pool and Amanda (great granddaughters of Barbara) From left: Skylynn. twins Jacey and Charlotte, Sloan. USA - Xmas 2015



Kelly Pool (granddaughter of Barbara) with husband Chris - holding baby Arden (their niece and great granddaughter of Barbara) including their children Emily and Preston (great grandchildren of Barbara) USA - 2016

With thanks & gratitude to Barbara Karpel and her family for their kind contributions of these lovely photos to
the Sassienie Worldwide Family Website


Branch one

Annette Smart
 Daughter of Leah Sasieni & George Smart

Photos: Annette Smart and husband, John - England 2006


With thanks & gratitude to Annette Smart for her kind contribution of these photos to
the Sassienie Worldwide Family Website


Branch one

Nancy Guariglia and Paul Guariglia

Grandchildren of Abram (Alfred) Sasiene and Lillian Borgos


Nancy Guariglia and Paul Guariglia

Texas, USA - 2012


Chris and Samantha, children of Nancy Guariglia

Texas, USA - 2012


Photos taken by kind permission of Paul Guariglia from:


Branch one


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